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Tailored for car camping, this comprehensive set features a 900ml hard anodised aluminium pot with a heat transmitter and windshield. The pot is equipped with a TPE lid that securely attaches, a stainless steel handle with a silicone cover, and innovative rivet-free ultrasonic welding. A neoprene cushion adds a protective layer. The stainless steel gas stove boasts a copper valve and 2000W power output, effortlessly ignited by a ceramic needle. Safety is ensured with the Flame-retarded ABS base. Also included are a stainless steel pot holder and a nylon gas canister stand, making it a must-have for hassle-free car camping culinary adventures.

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Elevate your car camping experience with the StarCamp 900ml Car Camping Cooking System Gas Stove! This all-inclusive set is designed to make your outdoor culinary adventures a breeze:

Cookware Delight:
  • 900ml hard anodised aluminium pot with heat transmitter and windshield
  • TPE lid that clips onto the pot for a secure fit
  • Stainless steel handle with a silicone cover for a comfortable grip
  • No pesky rivets – thanks to ultrasonic welding
  • Neoprene cushion adds protection
Powerful Gas Stove:
  • Stainless steel body with a copper valve
  • 2000W power output for efficient cooking
  • Quick ignition with a ceramic needle
  • Safety ensured by the Flame-retarded ABS base
Extras for Convenience:
  • Stainless steel pot holder
  • Nylon gas canister stand
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