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Enhance your car camping experience with the StarCamp Portable Stainless Steel Fire Pit – the ultimate addition to your car camping gear arsenal! Whether you’re a seasoned car camper or a newbie to outdoor fire pit cooking, this portable fire pit is designed to transform your car camping evenings into cozy and memorable gatherings.

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Model: HX-FP02
Material: Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, ensuring durability and a stylish aesthetic.

Versatile Fuel Options for Car Camping Comfort:
Fuel: Wood and Charcoal
Designed to accommodate both wood and charcoal, this fire pit offers versatile cooking possibilities, allowing you to prepare delicious meals and enjoy the warmth of an open fire during your car camping escapades.

Perfectly Sized for Car Campers:
Product Size: 38x38x32cm | Product Weight: 5.8KG
Tailored to fit seamlessly into your car camping setup, this fire pit’s dimensions make it an ideal addition to your outdoor adventures. Weighing 5.8KG, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality.

Easy Transportation with Car Campers in Mind:
The StarCamp Stainless Steel Fire Pit comes with a convenient carry bag, ensuring ease of transportation and storage in your car. Set it up at your car camping spot to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation and outdoor cooking.

Unleash the Campfire Magic:
From roasting marshmallows to enjoying a heartwarming meal by the fire, this portable fire pit brings the joy of campfires to your car camping adventures. It’s your ticket to creating unforgettable memories under the starry night sky.

Your Car Camping Fire Pit Essential:
Make every car camping night special with the StarCamp Portable Stainless Steel Fire Pit. Grab yours now and infuse your car camping evenings with the warmth and magic of a crackling fire!

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