Campfire blankets everyone wants


Every camper knows that a good blanket is something we all need and is required. Kammok offers an essential Kammok Blanket that easily transitions from backyard firepit to backcountry elements. The Bobcat 7ºC down backpacking quilt provides warmth on the go. 

The latest Kammok blanket shapeshifts from a hands-free poncho to a backpacking sleeping bag or a hammock underquilt as a simple campfire warmer. 

Snuggle under one of these blankets, and you won’t want to move. Easy to pack, easy to clean. Seven colours to choose from, and it’s simply one of those investment pieces that will last a lifetime and one that will be grabbed from the pile of blankets faster than you can say sing-along. 

The Kammok blanket is a perfect gift for the camper in your family who might not consider it a necessity, but we promise they will love you for it.