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Stay Bug-Free: Your Essential Guide to Summer Camping with Off-Grid Adventure Co

Bug-Free Camping: Essential Gear for Summer

Summer camping is a blast, but those pesky mosquitoes can be a real buzzkill 🦟. Ditch the bedtime bug-spray with Off-Grid Adventure Co.

Imagine enjoying a summer evening at your favourite campsite, drink in hand and cheese platter within reach. Then you hear it, and before you know it you’re swarmed by mosquitoes. Time to crack out the Bushmans, or is it?

Beat the bugs 🐜

The Mantis40D and Mantis UL (70% off!) hammock tent comes with a built-in insect net ensuring you can relax in bug-free peace. Dragonet™ provides complete protection, while handy pockets and a stargazing panel add convenience and luxury. Plus, the included rain fly keeps you dry during dewy nights.

Get a free Ridgeline Organiser and Mantis Gear Loft when you purchase a Mantis40D hammock tent.

For hammock campers, the nearly invisible bug net: the Dragonfly, offers easy setup and dual zipper entry for bug-free nights under the stars.


Luno Car and Van Window Screens offer all of the airflow with none of the critters. Easy to install and remove, these screens provide supreme privacy and bug protection — essential for comfortable Australian summer camping.

Off-Grid Adventure Co has everything you need for a bug-free, summer camping trip. From hammock tents to insect nets and window screens, we’ve got you covered, and not with bug repellent. Say goodbye to bug bites and hello to hassle-free, comfortable camping this summer.

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Snow Camping with Luno

Snow Camping with a Luno Mattress


Are you a bold and fearless explorer with dreams of conquering winter wonderlands? Does the thought of remote, backcountry escapades ignite a fire in your belly? If so, snow camping is undoubtedly on your bucket list. But hey, who needs the fuss of setting up a tent when you can embrace the rugged convenience of camping in your car with a sturdy (but very comfortable) Luno mattress? Here’s some things you need to know.

No Tent Setup Hassles

Setting up a tent in the snow can be tricky. Camping in your car eliminates the need for tent assembly, allowing you to spend more time exploring the rugged backcountry without the fuss. No prep, no digging, and no building snow walls  – no need to battle the elements when you have a Luno Mattress!

Warm and Insulated Sleep

Your vehicle will have an element of insulation in the snow, but cars can still get pretty chilly. Keep your sleep space cosy by placing a foam bed roll beneath your Luno Mattress and one of those plaid, woollen blankets pretty well nearly every Australian household has (where do they even come from? They just turn up). If you inexplicably don’t have one of these, any other warm, fleecy blanket will do because you’ll be lying on top of it inside your super warm sleeping bag!

Access to Fresh Water

Staying hydrated is essential during outdoor adventures – even if it’s super cold. You can either bring your own water or melt snow using a gas stove (keep an eye on your emails for some Off-Grid solutions) to quench your thirst (just stay away from the yellow snow). 

If you have access to a fresh water source, why not bring a Stream with you? No need to cart around heavy jerry cans or water or fuss around with melting snow.


Prioritise Safety

Living on the edge doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live dangerously. Remember to carry a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) or a similar device in case of emergencies. For backcountry exploration in places like Kosciuszko, fill out a trip intention form with National Parks to ensure someone knows your whereabouts.

Keep Your Gadgets Warm*

Cold weather can be tough on electronic devices, especially batteries. If you rely on your phone for navigation and communication, keep it warm in your pocket or sleeping bag. Cold conditions drain batteries quickly, so keeping them snug will ensure they remain functional throughout your adventure.

*not like this

So, there you have it – the practical reasons why snow camping in your car with a Luno mattress is by far the superior choice. Say goodbye to tent hassles, embrace the comfort of a warm bed, enjoy fresh snowy water, and always prioritise safety during your winter escapades. Happy snow camping, off-gridders! 🏔️❄️

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Car Camping for Beginners — the Off-Grid Guide

Car camping beginner tips

Start small.

Do you have aspirations of long, lone car camping expeditions  – just you, your car and your dog? Well those are great but if you’re starting out, maybe do a short trip first. We’re talking one night in a local area. Car camping close to home offers all the adventure and excitement of a great trip but in familiar surroundings. There’s no need to throw yourself in the deep end immediately, you can even start in your driveway (if it’s flat enough)

Hit up HipCamp for some car camping campsite inspiration near you.

Know your stuff.

Australia is pretty big, so before you get ready to set off it’s a good idea to decide where you actually want to visit.

Check camping regulations: Research the camping rules and permits required for your chosen destinations. National parks, private campgrounds, and even some roadside rest areas may have specific guidelines.

Season and weather: four seasons in one day – there’s literally a song about it. Consider all possibilities and plan accordingly. Keep an eye on the forecast when you plan to head out. On the plus side, car camping is much more secure than a tent and if it really gets dicey, you can just drive home!

Research campgrounds: Look for established campgrounds with amenities such as toilets, showers, and potable water if you prefer those comforts. Alternatively, you can explore free camping options or stay on private properties.

Book in advance: Popular campgrounds can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. Consider booking in advance to secure your spot.

Don’t fall into the ‘gear’ trap.

Everyone loves gear and gadgets and the pull is strong to buy everything all at once, but you don’t need to go overboard. Start your car camping forays with some quality, staple basics. The car camping starter bundle includes the Air Mattress 2.0window screens, a fitted sheet and seatback organiser. It’s all the essentials you need for a comfortable night’s sleep in your car. Add a blanket and pillow and you’ll literally be a happy camper.

Do a test run.

The call of the open road may be strong, but use the practical part of your brain for a minute. You have all this new, amazing gear – do you know how to set it up? Before you embark on your car camping endeavour, do a test run, a dress rehearsal of your gear. Make sure you know how to set it up, make sure it’s functional and comfortable, make sure everything is charged!

It’s much easier to do this in the comfort of your own home than potentially getting caught out in the middle of nowhere.

Leave No Trace.

Respect the environment, pack out your trash, minimise your impact, and leave the campsite as you found it.

Have your car camping packing list ready to go.

Preparedness is next to godliness – here’s a list we prepared earlier!

Download it here

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Campfire blankets everyone wants

Every camper knows that a good blanket is something we all need and is required. Kammok offers an essential Kammok Blanket that easily transitions from backyard firepit to backcountry elements. The Bobcat 7ºC down backpacking quilt provides warmth on the go. 

The latest Kammok blanket shapeshifts from a hands-free poncho to a backpacking sleeping bag or a hammock underquilt as a simple campfire warmer. 

Snuggle under one of these blankets, and you won’t want to move. Easy to pack, easy to clean. Seven colours to choose from, and it’s simply one of those investment pieces that will last a lifetime and one that will be grabbed from the pile of blankets faster than you can say sing-along. 

The Kammok blanket is a perfect gift for the camper in your family who might not consider it a necessity, but we promise they will love you for it. 


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Tote Bags for any occasion

These Tote Bags are perfect for anyone interested in reducing waste and being mindful of excess. Kammok has brilliantly designed a Tote Bag that doesn’t require new materials or anything. Instead, they have made use of all of the leftover fabric from the Roo Double hammock and up-cycled everything into this space-saving Tote at no sacrifice to quality or durability. 

Forget packing additional bags for beach days or the grocery run; this Tote packs down into its pocket and can be tucked away in any side pocket, glove box, making it the most helpful addition to your camping needs. 

The Kammok Tote comes in Aloe Green, Ember Orange, Granite Grey, Sky Blue, or Violet Purple with five fun colours to suit any fashion statement. The options are endless and the Tote is a fully up-cycled product made from the leftover materials of our Roo Double hammock. It is excellent for groceries, travel, beach days, and packs into its own pocket.

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Kammok Tarps

Every camper knows that a good tarp is something everyone needs to have packed away and ready for any weather change, whether it be protection from the sun, shelter from the rain or a simple cover for your food prep area or games spot for the kids.

Kammok has a range of Tarps that are easy on the budget and ultra-versatile. The Kuli range boasts the standard Kuhli and the Kuhli Pro. These Tarps are adaptable and offer knotless design, making them easy for even the youngest campers to help put in place. 

Protect yourself and your fellow campers from extreme temperatures to wet, cold nights with this exceptional product that is unmatched on the market. 

Here’s to enjoying relaxing days protected from the elements with one of these superior products. Choose from one of three fun colours and make your camping site the envy of fellow campers. 

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Father’s Day Winner!

Hey friends, we have exciting news. Our Father’s Day competition was perfect. We had hundreds of entries, and exceptional stories were shared. You can read some of the posts on our Facebook page.

We are happy to let you know that WE HAVE A WINNER of the Guzzle H2O Stream (valued at $2,000).

Susan shared her story about her husband and family of 5 and their camping experiences. The family are avid campers who head out into the wild every chance they get. And, they know what it’s like to run out of fresh water, so the Guzzle H2O Stream is EXACTLY what they needed to make their holidays a little more comfortable.

Thank you to everyone who entered – make sure you watch your inbox for a sweet offer that is coming your way… a little thank you from the Off-Grid Adventure team for taking part in the competition and our way of continuing to celebrate all the great dads and adventurers out there.

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Take a Trip into the Wild

Do you have a favourite feeling or sensation that lets you know that you have exerted energy and are exhausted –but that good kind of exhaustion? I once heard a young woman talking about her feeling when she takes her ski boots and helmet off. Her feet pulsate in a way that tells her they have worked hard, and her forehead itches a little from being tucked away all day.
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