Stay Bug-Free: Your Essential Guide to Summer Camping with Off-Grid Adventure Co

Bug-Free Camping: Essential Gear for Summer

Summer camping is a blast, but those pesky mosquitoes can be a real buzzkill 🦟. Ditch the bedtime bug-spray with Off-Grid Adventure Co.

Imagine enjoying a summer evening at your favourite campsite, drink in hand and cheese platter within reach. Then you hear it, and before you know it you’re swarmed by mosquitoes. Time to crack out the Bushmans, or is it?

Beat the bugs 🐜

The Mantis40D and Mantis UL (70% off!) hammock tent comes with a built-in insect net ensuring you can relax in bug-free peace. Dragonet™ provides complete protection, while handy pockets and a stargazing panel add convenience and luxury. Plus, the included rain fly keeps you dry during dewy nights.

Get a free Ridgeline Organiser and Mantis Gear Loft when you purchase a Mantis40D hammock tent.

For hammock campers, the nearly invisible bug net: the Dragonfly, offers easy setup and dual zipper entry for bug-free nights under the stars.


Luno Car and Van Window Screens offer all of the airflow with none of the critters. Easy to install and remove, these screens provide supreme privacy and bug protection — essential for comfortable Australian summer camping.

Off-Grid Adventure Co has everything you need for a bug-free, summer camping trip. From hammock tents to insect nets and window screens, we’ve got you covered, and not with bug repellent. Say goodbye to bug bites and hello to hassle-free, comfortable camping this summer.

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