Escape the cold, camp in Queensland

Moreton Island wrecks — Guillaume Marques

5 Essentials for Car Camping in Queensland and 5 of our favourite places!

Planning a car camping trip in Queensland, Australia? It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. To make sure your trip is fun and stress-free, packing the right gear is key. From sleeping to cooking to power solutions — here are the must-have essentials.

1. Sleep like a log

Get comfy by grabbing a quality air mattress or sleeping pad. Pair it with a sleeping bag that’s rated for the temps you’ll face. For extra comfort, bring a camping pillow. Designed for ultimate comfort and packability, the Luno Packable camping pillow is just as good as your regular pillow. With a cold, and warm side, it’s perfect year-round.

2. It doesn’t need to be in-tents

But really, it doesn’t! You can transform your commuter into a camper with the Luno Air mattress 2.0.

Windows down mean optimum airflow, and opportunistic bugs. Luno Window Screens have your back! They’ll help you avoid condensation and keep you comfy at night.

Also, a tarp or canopy is great for extra living space and protection from the sun or rain.

Lake Mckenzie, K'gari — Duncan McNab

3. What is camping without food?

A reliable stove is a must for car camping. A two-burner propane stove is a favourite because it’s easy to use and lets you cook multiple dishes at once. Don’t forget essential utensils like pots, pans, and a portable coffee maker if you need your morning brew. A collapsible sink or basin will make washing up a lot easier.

4. Get hydro-matic

Always bring enough water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Large water containers with spigots are great for easy pouring. Consider bringing a water filter like the Stream or Eddy if you’re camping near fresh water sources.

5. Zap

For longer trips, keeping your devices powered up is important. Solar panels let you charge devices without draining your car battery. Portable power stations are an all-in-one solution to power everything from your phone to fridge.

Aerial view of Noosa River Mouth — Timothée Duran

Location, location, location

Important tips!

Additional Tips for a Successful Trip

  • Prepare for Weather: The climate in Queensland can vary greatly, so prepare for both sun and rain. Pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and a rain jacket.
  • Safety Gear: Always carry a first aid kit, a flashlight or headlamp, and extra batteries. A fire extinguisher and a tool kit for your vehicle are also advisable.
  • Plan Your Route: Use apps like CamperMate and Camps Australia Wide to find the best routes, camping spots, and available facilities (CamperMate) (Camps Australia Wide).

Leave No Trace: Respect the natural environment by following the principles of Leave No Trace. This includes taking all your rubbish with you and being considerate of wildlife and other campers.

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