Take a Trip into the Wild

Australian Wild
Do you have a favourite feeling or sensation that lets you know that you have exerted energy and are exhausted –but that good kind of exhaustion? I once heard a young woman talking about her feeling when she takes her ski boots and helmet off. Her feet pulsate in a way that tells her they have worked hard, and her forehead itches a little from being tucked away all day.
Apparently, this is one of her favourite feelings because it reminds her that she has:
1.Pushed herself to her limit
2.Worked hard and won
3.Spent a day outside not caring about what she looked like
4.Knows she laughed and felt fear at times within the same breath
She loved that feeling.
Do you have a feeling like that? Maybe it’s coming out of the surf or a day of gardening or bushwalking. It’s that fresh air, got up early in the morning, pushed boundaries kind of feel.
According to Psychology Today, we need to be outdoors more often because something as simple as walking in the fresh air can release endorphins, elevating mood and reducing physical pain. And, for those of you with children, the good news is, the great outdoors can have a real and positive impact on mental and physical well-being.
If you’re already out there enjoying kicking the ball around the park –well done. On the other hand, if Netflix or any other platform has you glued to your seat, we encourage you to come unstuck and get out there.
Take a trip into the wild.

Borrow a tent, grab a sleeping bag, a few snacks and head out. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret taking the step. Find that feeling our young friend shared with us. Whether it be your ski boots or a stretch after a long bushwalk or hike –everything within you will scream thank you!