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Snow Camping with Luno

Snow Camping with a Luno Mattress


Are you a bold and fearless explorer with dreams of conquering winter wonderlands? Does the thought of remote, backcountry escapades ignite a fire in your belly? If so, snow camping is undoubtedly on your bucket list. But hey, who needs the fuss of setting up a tent when you can embrace the rugged convenience of camping in your car with a sturdy (but very comfortable) Luno mattress? Here’s some things you need to know.

No Tent Setup Hassles

Setting up a tent in the snow can be tricky. Camping in your car eliminates the need for tent assembly, allowing you to spend more time exploring the rugged backcountry without the fuss. No prep, no digging, and no building snow walls  – no need to battle the elements when you have a Luno Mattress!

Warm and Insulated Sleep

Your vehicle will have an element of insulation in the snow, but cars can still get pretty chilly. Keep your sleep space cosy by placing a foam bed roll beneath your Luno Mattress and one of those plaid, woollen blankets pretty well nearly every Australian household has (where do they even come from? They just turn up). If you inexplicably don’t have one of these, any other warm, fleecy blanket will do because you’ll be lying on top of it inside your super warm sleeping bag!

Access to Fresh Water

Staying hydrated is essential during outdoor adventures – even if it’s super cold. You can either bring your own water or melt snow using a gas stove (keep an eye on your emails for some Off-Grid solutions) to quench your thirst (just stay away from the yellow snow). 

If you have access to a fresh water source, why not bring a Stream with you? No need to cart around heavy jerry cans or water or fuss around with melting snow.


Prioritise Safety

Living on the edge doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live dangerously. Remember to carry a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) or a similar device in case of emergencies. For backcountry exploration in places like Kosciuszko, fill out a trip intention form with National Parks to ensure someone knows your whereabouts.

Keep Your Gadgets Warm*

Cold weather can be tough on electronic devices, especially batteries. If you rely on your phone for navigation and communication, keep it warm in your pocket or sleeping bag. Cold conditions drain batteries quickly, so keeping them snug will ensure they remain functional throughout your adventure.

*not like this

So, there you have it – the practical reasons why snow camping in your car with a Luno mattress is by far the superior choice. Say goodbye to tent hassles, embrace the comfort of a warm bed, enjoy fresh snowy water, and always prioritise safety during your winter escapades. Happy snow camping, off-gridders! 🏔️❄️