UBCO Bikes changing the future of travel

E-Bike Sales To Grow From 3.7 Million To 17 Million Per Year By 2030, Forecast Industry Experts” – Forbes

The era of e-bikes has arrived, and it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, which is good for not only the environment but also the pocketbook. Early adopters are being used in case studies throughout the entire sector because who better to share the benefits than those who have stepped up to the battery pack and plugged in.

At OGAC, we did the same and decided to listen to our customers. We wanted to know their experience from the way they researched to the point of purchase and after-sales experience with the bike and our team. A whopping 40% of our inquiries turn into sales, which tells us we are on to something.

So, fellow Off-Gridders, consider this a good Part One to a possible trilogy of case studies. Consider it a campfire conversation where you can lay back, look at the stars and hear stories and legends that stay with us.

Story One:

WHY: I farm sheep and lambs on 800 acres. I saw the bike at a local dealer in 2017 and thought it would be an excellent idea for the farm—an easy way to check lambing ewes without disturbing them. The bike has proven to be exceptional at this. I can move freely throughout the paddocks whilst leaving the stock calm and relaxed.

BENEFITS: Some of my country is hilly, and the UBCO is so easy to ride it makes the journey’s enjoyable. The bike is lightweight and super easy to transport – I remove the battery and single-handedly can lift the frame onto the back of the ute for transporting. I ride the UBCO every day to either check stock or move from one job to another. It saves me time and makes life on the farm that much easier.

COST: This should be part of the benefits. Not only is it simple but it costs a fraction to run compared to conventional petrol bikes and is suitable for the environment.

RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend the UBCO to any farmer looking for something to use on the farm.

Download our OGAC Case Study here!


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