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Want to head off the beaten track this Easter long weekend?

Overlooking Wolgan Valley

Head off the beaten track this easter long weekend

Sometimes we want to go where the people DON’T go and we’re willing to cross a few creeks to get there. So how about getting off the beaten track this Easter long weekend?¬†

Off-Grid HQ are here to help. The Off-Grid minions have compiled a list of their favourite off the beaten track camping spots in NSW (mostly ūüė¨).¬†

Whether you’re going for a three day weekend or three weeks, the¬†Trailmaster Active Pod¬†will carry everything you require for your off-grid travels. It’s lightweight, rugged and fully customisable to your needs. Throw on a rooftop tent and you’ve got yourself a compact camping solution. Did we mention it’s rugged? Keep the car for carrying people, let your Active Pod carry your stuff.



Here are our Off the Beaten track recs:

The Basin ‚Äď Olney State Forest

Basin Campground is located in the Olney State Forest, New South Wales, Australia. The campground is managed by Forestry Corporation and entry is free, so first in, best dressed.

It’s a picturesque camping destination that offers visitors the chance to enjoy activities such as hiking, swimming, and fishing. 

The campground is equipped with a range of amenities including BBQs, toilets, and picnic tables. Visitors can access the campground via car and park their vehicles near their campsites.

Aerial overlooking Pines Campground in Olney State Forest, Lake Macquarie.
© Destination NSW

Bendethera Valley campground

Bendethera Valley Campground is situated in the Deua National Park, New South Wales. The campground is located in a remote location and can only be accessed with a 4WD. 

It’s located in a valley surrounded by mountains and offers a range of outdoor activities such as bushwalking, fishing, and swimming. The campground features amenities such as toilets, BBQs, and picnic tables.

Camping is free, however there is a minimal entry fee.

This is a remote campground, to make sure you’re well prepared. Equip yourself with the Guzzle H2O¬†Eddy Inline Water Filter¬†or ultra-portable¬†Stream¬†to avoid lugging heavy water containers in with you.

Katie and Kangaroos-1
Roos at Bendethra © James Lawson-Craig
Campsite Fire-1
Bendethra at night © James Lawson-Craig

Newnes Campground 

Newnes Campground is nestled in the heart of the Newnes State Forest, New South Wales. 

It’s a secluded camping site¬†by the Wolgan River¬†that offers visitors the chance to experience the rugged beauty of the Australian bush.

Explore the remains of an old shale oil mining town, read a book in the shade or float down river on your¬†Luno Air Mattress¬†(don’t worry, it’ll dry!). Easy walking tracks will take you to the¬†Newnes Industrial Ruins walk¬†and the glow worm tunnel is a short drive away.

For an even more off-grid experience, camp across the river. Accessible by foot or 4WD across the ford near the Newnes Hotel.

Bookings are required + minimal entry fee. BYO water!

Entrance to the glow worm tunnel

Coorongooba Campground

Coorongooba Campground is a scenic camping site located in the Wollemi National Park in New South Wales.

The campground runs beside the crystal clear Capertee River, offering visitors the opportunity to swim in the river, enjoy invigorating walks along the Capertee River trail, or kick back in your¬†hammock chair¬†with a book? If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not take your Luno air mattress down the (usually) shallow river?¬†

The Capertee River trail is also a fantastic spot for birdwatching, with the endangered regent honeyeater often seen in the area during spring. As the afternoon light changes, relax with a cup of bush tea brewed on a wood barbecue for the perfect end to a simple but wonderful camping experience.

Blue skies at Coorongooba

Woperana Campgrounds

Woperana Campgrounds are located in Murray Valley National Park, New South Wales.

For those seeking a true off the beaten track camping experience, Woperana campgrounds in the Murray Valley National Park are this and more. There are three sites sat along the riverbank and shaded by majestic river red gums to choose from. Spend your days birdwatching, fishing, swimming, and adventuring with some self-guided walks around the park and your nights enjoying the stars.

With only three to four campsites available at a time, you can expect a peaceful and relaxed trip. Access to the campgrounds is limited to dry weather conditions and is best reached by a 4WD vehicle. Bookings are required + minimal booking fee. BYO water and necessary equipment.

And just under 20 minutes down the road we have…

Ulupna Island 

Ulupna Island is a secluded and picturesque island located on the Murray River ‚Äď technically not NSW BUT it’s well worth a visit.
The closest towns are Tocumwal in New South Wales and Strathmerton in Victoria

Ulupna Island offers a remote and peaceful camping experience in a beautiful natural setting with a variety of activities to enjoy. The island offers pristine natural beauty with a range of flora and fauna including kangaroos, emus, and many bird species. Ulupna Island is the perfect off-grid locale to unwind and relish being properly off the beaten track.

Fishing and birdwatching are popular activities on the island, which has sandy river beaches, wetlands, and a rich cultural history. Camping is available in designated areas, with visitors required to bring their own camping equipment and take all rubbish with them. 

With no facilities on the island, visitors need to bring their own equipment and supplies

© Destination NSW
© Destination NSW
Which off the beaten track location are you heading to this year?
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Valentine’s Dessert Recipes for Your Romantic Camping Micro-Escape

5 easy campfire recipes for a romantic Valentine's micro-escape

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Feeling a lil romantic this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to take your favourite person out for a romantic camping micro-escape?

Well, there’s nothing micro about a¬†Luno Car Camping Setup¬†except maybe the footprint in your boot. More room for snacks. Throw in the¬†window screens¬†and¬†privacy curtain¬†for perfect solitude with your Valentine (or¬†Galentine!).

You’ve dinner covered, but what about dessert (arguably the most important meal of the day)? You want dessert to impress, preferably with four ingredients or less and a step above a toasted marshmallow (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


Chocolate Marshmallow Dipped Strawbs

Marshmallow fluff (you can get it from Coles or Woolies)

1. Wash and dry strawberries
2. Dip strawberries in fluff
3. Carefully toast the fluff side over a fire
4. Enjoy!

Campfire Pies

Sliced bread or brioche
Butter or marge
Cooking spray
Raspberries (or berry of choice)
Nutella (or chocolate spread of choice)
Campfire jaffle iron


  1. Spray your jaffle iron lightly with cooking spray
  2. Butter two slices of bread/brioche
  3. Place one slice into the jaffle iron, butter side down
  4. Spread Nutella generously 
  5. Pop on some raspberries
  6. Top with the second slice of buttered bread, with the butter side out
  7. Close and place the jaffle iron directly on the hot coals of your fire
  8. Cook for around 3 ‚Äď 4 minutes while rotating
  9. Carefully open the cooker without burning yourself
  10. Remove the sandwich and try not to burn your mouth on molten Nutella. Top with whipped cream 

Aussie S’mores¬†

Marshmallows (Pascall are the favourite at Off-Grid HQ but you can get dedicated giant roasting marshmallows)
Choccie digestives or Belmont Palazzo biscuits (Aldi) 

1. Toast marshmallow 
2. Squish between two biscuits 
3. That’s it, there is no other step.

Banana Boats


Your filling of choice: Off-Grid HQs favourite is Maltesers, but you can use anything small enough to fit inside a banana: chocolates, berries, mini marshmallows, Fantales, anything!
Tin foil

1. Slice banana lengthwise 
2. Stuff bananas with your goodies 
3. Wrap in foil and place in coals or edge of a campfire
4. Remove from campfire, open foil and let cool for a bit

5. Eat up


Okay we know this isn't technically dessert...
but hear us out

Cheese Board

Slap on a double brie, crumbly cheddar a blue or a Jarlesberg on a plate or a board. Top it off with some grapes, dried apricots and almonds, honey or pear slices. 
You can make it as fancy, or not fancy as you like with artisan flatbread, wafers or fig and sunflower seed crackers or just keep it simple with some rice crackers. 

There’s nothing better than a trio of cheeses to end the night, even better if accompanied by some sparkling or port.


and where will you spend your¬†romantic camping micro-escape this Valentine’s Day?

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